Telmetrics for Marin saves time for marketers and reduces wasted ad spend by streaming all call and text data into one dashboard, where it can be easily managed and analyzed using the leading performance advertising platform, Marin.


One View for Better Decision-Making

Marketers now can base their bids on a complete view of consumer behavior and the responses driven by their campaigns. With reliable data at their fingertips, marketers know that that their bidding strategy is based on proven tactics.

I want to stream call and text data to my Marin dashboard

Adjust Your Bidding Strategy for Optimal Campaign Performance

Crucial Telmetrics call and text response data feeds directly into the Marin dashboard to make bid analysis and adjustment more efficient. At a glance, marketers can see which campaigns and ads are their high performers and which ones need tweaking, making it easy to optimize their bidding strategy and ultimately drive more responses.

Based on keyword performance, ad creative and campaigns, marketers quickly see the impact of any changes right in the Marin dashboard and can fine-tune tactics on the fly for optimal performance.

See an Immediate Lift in ROI on Ad Spend

After adding call and text tracking data to their analytics, our customers see on average an immediate 37% lift in their measurable ROI. Full lead attribution on ad spend gives marketers a more precise view of campaign performance that boosts their potential to drive business growth.

Tracking offine interactions can boost your measurable ROI by 37%. Tweet it!

With Telmetrics for Marin, you can:

  • Stream call and text data into your Marin dashboard, including date, new versus repeat interactions, and conversion tracking
  • Analyze bid strategy with accurate and robust data on offline interactions
  • Optimize bid strategy based on keyword performance, ad creative, and ad placement

I want to streamline my data into one view. Let's get started.


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