Congratulations to Slack for winning the Best Startup 2017 at the Crunchies this past week, a recognition they deserve hands down. Released in 2013, Slack has an excellent communications platform, really a chat platform that is super intuitive with all the bells and whistles.

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Many, if not most of the tech companies who make your favorite apps and services, are using Slack. We use it internally to communicate company-wide and as one of our product integrations, a solution that makes responding to incoming texts from any digital ad campaign scalable for any size of business. That’s just how good they are.

Show me! I want to respond to all text leads with my Slack.


Chat Integration Scales Text Messaging

Having seen firsthand what Slack’s chat platform can do for us, we didn’t hesitate to integrate Slack into our Response Analytics platform as a great option for our customers. Now, businesses can use Slack to answer any number of incoming consumer text messages and engage with text leads coming from any source - paid or organic search, social media any promoted landing pages and more.  

To get started with text messaging to Slack, insert a textable call tracking number in your paid search ads, on your landing pages or within social media ads – whatever you use to generate traffic. Any incoming texts will be sent directly to your familiar Slack environment through our Response Analytics platform. Your sales team can respond quickly and efficiently with the chat software, on any device, while the consumer views and responds to your texts in their native texting app.

Slack is right for us and our needs, it works great for many businesses, and that’s why we offer this integration to our diverse clients, along with other hand-picked chat platform integrations, including LiveChat and ContactAtOnce!.

Receive the Data You Need with Response Analytics

Our Response Analytics platform lays the foundation for our text messaging solution, providing lead attribution data and giving marketers the tools they need to optimize campaigns. Our data also provides a key check and balance, ensuring the agent response time meets consumer expectations with text details that includes the time they sent the text, the consumer’s phone number, and more. With the Slack integration, all text messages are saved and archived in one place, and can be used to improve the way sales engages and nurtures leads.

Slack Supports Your Lead Generation

With the help of Slack’s chat platform, you can offer text messaging on every channel to boost your lead generation results. When one of our clients in the home services space offered texting on their Google text ads, their conversion rates more than doubled. That increased conversion rate fits with consumer sentiment and behavior. 65% of consumers say they would consider using messaging to contact a business for information about products or services or to schedule an appointment.

Engage Leads with the Whole Company’s Expertise Behind

Slack makes it easy to answer consumer inquiries with the entire company’s skills and knowledge at your fingertips. If an agent doesn’t know the answer to a challenging or complicated question, he can transfer the thread or add colleagues into the conversion with a click of a button.

Slack won the award because their chat software consistently provides the usability and intuitive design necessary for an excellent experience. That comes from knowing deeply the end user, or as they put it in their acceptance speech, “Slack was really built to scratch our own itch, because we had a problem and we built Slack as a solution to it.” This focus on the user experience first is why use it internally and why we integrate with Slack for our text messaging solution.

Congratulations Slack!

Show me how Slack can text.


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