How much are you losing to fraudulent and spam calls each month? This issue is big enough that Google, Apple and a few other major players have started a task force to address it.


Until they solve it, this is a hidden but significant issue for most companies who are running pay-per-call programs that drains resources and skews your call analytics metrics. It inflates the number of responses to your ads and can cause you to make important marketing and budget decisions based on inaccurate data. (Fraud is not just an issue for phone lines but advertising as well. Read our post on advertising fraud to find out more.)

What is Telecom Spam and Fraud?

There are two basic types that may affect your phone number:

Toll-free Pumping

  • Toll-free pumping is when a fraudulent carrier takes advantage of the complicated telecom carrier system to artificially generate calls to toll-free numbers with autodialers or robocalls. 

They pocket the extra charges to the toll-free number and companies end up with inflated phone bills.

Telemarketer Calls

  • Telemarketer calls are pretty self-explanatory, but impact companies by taking up agents’ time and skewing the ad performance.

In short, fraudulent and spam calls that cost you money and don’t have any potential to generate revenue for you.  

After years of protecting phone lines and blocking calls, we’ve been tracking the volume of fraudulent and spam calls and measuring our impact on prevention.

How Much Is Spam and Telecom Fraud Costing You?

If you or your advertisers run multiple locations, you may start with 1000 calls per day.  Let’s assume a $0.75 per minute call cost. We know that approximately 47% of your calls are spam and get blocked through our multi-layer approach.

Calls: 1,000 - Calls Blocked (47%): 470 =

Cost to answer blocked calls: $352.50/day

Without the protection offered by call tracking lines, you could be paying up to $10,575 per month extra.

Fraud and spam protection for calls can save you $10,575 per month in phone bills. Tweet it!

Keep in mind, that doesn’t factor in costs related to lost productivity from your staff as they process these nuisance calls. Your team’s productivity and results are cut before they even walk in the door and sit down to start taking calls.  

I want to know what spam and fraud is costing me. Let's talk.

Improve Your Conversion Rate with Protected Numbers

Now let’s talk about marketing. Marketers need to be able to trust the data from their campaigns to determine which ones are performing well and which ones need to either dropped or tweaked. Without accurate and reliable data, marketers may make decisions that could actually result in lost leads and opportunities.

Again, let’s assume you have 1000 calls daily and you receive 122 sales per day. Without our fraud and spam protection solution, you would be looking at a 12.2% conversion rate.  

With our protected numbers, we block 47% of the total calls as spam and fraud that results in a jump of 10.82% in your conversion rate to 23.02%.

That 10.82% margin of error is enough to significantly impact your marketing decisions, and will cause you to see effective campaigns as ineffective.

With a 150% increase in spam/robocaller calls from 2012-2015, the importance of fraud protection is clear.

If you are new to pay-per-call programs or are running an internal call center, understanding how to protect your lines from call fraud is fundamental to measuring ad performance and keeping costs down.

Clean Lines from the Beginning

Before we assign call tracking lines to clients, we make sure that our lines are cleaner than anyone else in the industry. We use a long quarantine process and a strict no recycling policy to guarantee that the lines conform to our high standards.

A Multi-Layered Safety Net for Fraud and Spam Protection

Call Blocking

We block calls that we have identified as spam or fraudulent and we offer a custom call block feature for companies with their own blacklists.

Telemarketer Call Block

Telemarketer Call Block identifies telemarketers with a complex set of algorithms and blocks calls from numbers that display questionable patterns and activity. Our database is continually growing and currently has over 370,000 numbers that have been flagged as telemarketers.

Toll-free Pumping Protection

Preventing toll-free pumping is a difficult task, since these calls are made using a program designed to slide by straightforward call blocking software. We prevent those calls from reaching our clients with a smart algorithm that identifies suspect patterns.


Bottom line? You only pay for calls that have the potential to make you money.

I want to stop nuisance calls. Show me how today.


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