In part one, we discussed the new reality of a mobile as the device used by most consumers and the challenges faced by marketers to adapt to this new era. In part two, we're taking a look at what consumers expect from marketers 


What are Consumers Looking for on Mobile?

1. Consumers Want to Drive Their Shopping Experience

When shopping, consumers prefer the choices offered by browsing online that gives the option to compare on the fly, making this a customer-driven experience. Apps, in contrast, offer the marketer-driven experience, a walled-garden that is ideal for blocking out competitors and gathering more data on customers.

2. A Streamlined and Consistent Experience Everywhere

Even though marketers know that they need to make mobile-friendly sites, it’s still a major hurdle to offer a consistent experience across all channels. Every year, the time spent on mobile across all phases of the purchase journey is increasing.

Solution: Create Immersive Mobile Experiences

The key is to provide a total value experience for consumers everywhere. Instead of finding the easy solution, the experience should be optimized at every potential touchpoint.

Get the 6 fundamentals down: responsive websites, apps, emails, store visits, calls, and texts. First, offer all these touchpoints to engage customers, and second, provide an optimal, consistent experience across all the fundamental touchpoints.

I want to get the fundamentals of marketing. Show me texting and calls.

  • Go deep into the potential of mobile: There are many more touch points than the six fundamentals. We have an infographic to get you started thinking about which ones you need to prioritize.
  • Understand how your customers use these channels:  At what point in the buyer’s journey are your customers visiting your website and calling you?

That is the key to sustaining profitable revenue growth, according to Dale Renner, RedPoint’s CEO:

[Revenue growth] can only be achieved by having the deepest understanding of a customer, making decisions at the cadence of each customer, and then intelligently orchestrating engagement across any touchpoint in the enterprise. 

Mobile is so much more than just another tactic - it is the medium for the whole customer experience that consumers use to seamlessly switch from online to offline touchpoints.  Whether consumers are in a store, calling, texting or online, it’s up to marketers to shape the message through a fully integrated mobile strategy.

I want to see the potential from mobile. Let’s talk


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