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Tuesday November 2 was “Take your Kids to Work” Day! We had 3 kids visiting for the day and fun was had by all. But it wasn’t just fun and games, we put the kids to work and offered them an opportunity to learn!


IMG_2553.jpgsuper-sprouts.jpgOur young marketers were challenged to promote a product that they didn’t like and do their best to get sales.  The product was Super Sprout, a genetically modified Brussel Sprout.

Next they were tasked with creating new art work, a series of Marketing Monsters – we wanted to see what they thought the marketing monsters we fight look like.



Development and Product:

 We challenged the kids to learn from one of our talented Jasons. They chose to learn about our chatbots and artificial intelligence.

In addition to the special projects, we also had them interact and learn from the different team members to get a well-rounded view of what it’s like working at Telmetrics.

Special thanks to our staff:

Vadim for showing Tableau and explaining relational databases

Nic for showing some C# and Javascript

Adam for sharing product management secrets

Jason Kemp for demoing chatbots and discussing the future 

Jenn for sharing marketing strategies and giving challenging projects

Janet for teaching kids the importance of good research, writing skills, and hard work

Meghan for sharing her path to creative design career

Jason Dugard for making sure all technology is working

Shari and Rumina for onboarding kids to Telmetrics and taking care of them like they do of us, old folks.



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