You have done everything to optimize your search campaigns. There’s no room left to improve your bidding strategy, a/b testing has left you with the most effective ads and landing pages, and you’re above your target conversion rate. You have a clear view of your consumer’s journey online and have optimized your campaigns.

But have you thought about what’s happening post-click?  


Now’s not the time to become complacent when there’s an opportunity to join the dots from online to offline consumer behavior and to understand the impact of marketing on revenue and sales. We have a couple of suggestions that you can get started with right away to go from a really good performance to outstanding and that has the data to prove it.

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Are You Asking for the Most Valuable Action?

Are you offering all possible ways to respond to an ad? One of the most valuable responses to an ad is a phone call and it can be quantified. For the automotive industry, the mean worth of a call is $1,195. And for other industries such as finance, local services, travel or retail that call is worth hundreds of dollars. Globally, the total revenue from calls is expected to be $8.89 billion according to a study by BIA/Kelsey.

Calls are expected to drive $8.89B in 2017 worldwide. Tweet it!

Calls are especially vital for local businesses on ads and signal to the consumer that they are close by though a local area code. That’s a powerful message and one that drives more calls. Google saw early on the value in this response, making call extensions a crucial part of their search ads.

Attribution for the Most Valuable Action: Incoming Calls

Track the calls you generate from ads with lead attribution technology. Using either call tracking numbers on search ads or dynamic number insertion (DNI) on your landing pages gives you data on your ad performance that goes beyond the clicks to see offline conversions. (Read more about why other marketers think lead attribution will be the most important metric for 2017).

Call tracking has come a long way since the days when a single call tracking number was used for all the calls it drove. Rather than a catch-all solution for a linear funnel, lead attribution software like dynamic number insertion enables marketers to gain better attribution in a sales cycle that has become fragmented and complex.

A unique number is served up for each consumer that visits your landing page. Once the number is called, that visit, the website activity, and the call details are tracked and available in customizable reports. (Take a look at our report on Dynamic Number Insertion for more in-depth tactics on how to make call tracking work for you).

Offering calls as a response to ads is just one way for marketers to increase engagement on ads. In the upcoming weeks, we will be looking at other ways marketers can fully integrate mobile into their marketing strategy. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3.

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