Response analytics helps marketers measure all the offline interactions with consumers after they see an ad. Now that a phone is used for more than making just a voice call, but texting, email, browsing, response analytics encompasses all the possible interactions for a mobile phone.


1. Beyond the Click: Calls Matter and Dynamic Call Tracking

Call commerce is expected to hit $1 trillion by the end of 2016. That means hundreds of millions of people are still phoning businesses. If these calls are tracked using Dynamic Number Insertion, then that means a 37% increase in measurable ROI, according to the experience of our customers. That means proving worth of marketing to managers becomes easier, and marketing gets easier.

With clear data on the impact of calls down to the level of channels, keywords and the specific ad, you can see which one is performing the best and which one provides the lowest cost-per-lead. Meaning, you can quickly optimize your marketing campaigns for the best value for ad spend and to get the most out of the high performers.

2. Continue the Conversation: Trigger, Track, and Score Texts 

An open rate of 97% for texting blows this channel out of the water as compared to all others. Even social media doesn’t reach such heights. Not only do consumers open texts, they also read and respond to them.

Include a “text now“ button on all your campaigns gives customers the chance to respond on their preferred channel, boosting the impact of your campaigns. All our phone numbers can also be text enabled on top of call tracking for the maximal coverage.

Customers can text with the native app to engage with you. You can answer all their questions live and wherever you are with one of our chat integrations. Missed calls are no longer an issue with automated texts, triggered to send immediately after a missed call. A simple text, “Sorry, we missed you. How can we help?” may be enough to recover the lost opportunity.

3. Email Still Has a Strong ROI: Email Tracking

Texting takes the cake for open rates, but email is still a leader with a ROI of $38 for every $1. Include a “call now” or “text now” button in an email and we can track the offline response of emails. Measure more than just clicks in emails and get the full view of all touchpoints with customers. Also encourage more engagement with multiple open channels so customers can reach out in the way they prefer.

The future of marketing measure all the possible interactions on a mobile device. More than just a device for online browsing, but also calls and texts (and yes people still use the phone to phone other people). Consumers take these phones with them everywhere and use them for absolutely everything. If we’re not measuring all interactions, then we as marketers only have a partial view on an increasingly complex buyer’s journey.


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