Adding the option to text to all your ads, whether it’s display, search, Facebook, Bing, or LinkedIn - essentially everywhere - is the one change you need to do this year to turn “good enough” ads into stellar performers.


Google Tested Texting from SERP Ads and Saw an 80% Higher Conversion Rate

In October 2016, Google rolled out message extensions for everyone on their AdWords platform with some strong results from beta users. This was no incremental change with a minuscule difference that you can expect from optimizing your typical marketing tactics.

No, message extensions leave most direct response marketing tactics in the dust with astonishing results. Beta user Auto & General saw an 80% higher conversion rate as compared to similar channels.


Our own results were just as good but a little more realistic and representative of what might happen with this one easy addition. We helped a beta user of click-to-message, a large national brand in the home services industry, scale the feature, so they could handle the inflow of text messages with their contact center and on their existing infrastructure. They saw a 43% higher conversion rate.

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Easy to Change, Leveraging the Software You Already Use

It only takes two steps to transform your ad performance:

  1. Order textable call tracking numbers to gain complete attribution for every source of text leads. These tracking numbers link online activity to offline interactions, closing the attribution gap and tracking the conversion rate - more than just the click-through rate offered through Google AdWords click-to-message online product.
  2. Add textable call tracking numbers to all your ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Bing...etc. The textable call tracking number allows you to add “Text Us” CTAs to any source of traffic (not just the AdWords platform) and to handle inbound text leads with the chat software that may already be used by your business.

We integrate with many chat software platforms, including LiveChat, ContactAtOnce!, and Slack. (Read more about how we make text-to-chat possible with our constantly growing list of integrations with the top chat platforms).


In Case You Missed It - It’s Easy for You and for Consumers, Too

Many businesses don’t have the infrastructure to link texting to the chat software. Integrations with chat platforms make it simple for businesses to handle incoming texts with their existing resources. We make that happen and we provide comprehensive analytics that tracks the conversion rate.

65% of consumers want to text a business and we make it easy for them too. Consumers can use their native texting app for the full conversation without having to download a special app and use their data.

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Test a Proven Tactic Everywhere and Down to the Keyword Level

If message extensions worked so spectacularly on ads, then it makes sense that they could work on other types of campaign assets from social media to landing pages to blog posts.

65% of consumers want to text you. A “Text Us” button will increase conversions on landing pages. Tweet it!

On landing pages, more options to respond will increase the chance your consumer finds his preferred way and connects. For those who don't want to fill out a form (Pssst. the average generic “contact us” form conversion rate is abysmal - less than 2%), texting option creates less friction and gives consumers the instantaneous response-time they demand.

text-us-option-landing-page.pngAdd State-of-the-Art Attribution

It's no longer enough to track just clicks, the metrics you would get with most automation tools, but now you should measure all types of responses from mobile consumers, including texting.

Unlike Google click-to-message, we capture all inbound texts and track whether that the consumer in fact sent the text and not just clicked on the button. If you know the true performance of the ad, you can get:

  • Conversion rates: Knowing the true number of texts you receive gives you the most accurate picture of your ad and keyword performance. 
  • Actionable insights reporting: Our straightforward and intuitive reports give you the kind of data you need for informed decision-making and include the source, time of text, consumer’s phone number, conversion rates and more.
  • Chat history for sales optimization: With our chat integrations, you receive a full history of how the texts were handled and can optimize your sales team or contact center performance.

Text messaging is a quick and easy way to increase your conversion rates across all your mobile marketing tactics. And the best part is that there’s no need to add yet another tool to your already bulging box, when you can get the benefits of answering inbound leads on any device and with the chat software you prefer.

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