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Can call tracking numbers be reliable with high-quality sound? Just a few weeks ago, a client asked us how we provide numbers that have no down-time or lag-time and always have clear audio.


As marketers, we are generally concentrated on generating those high-quality leads for our company or for our clients. But connecting is just as important for generating revenue, and leaving a positive impression with a clean line that has no lag and always results in a ringing phone.

So, how do we get high-quality, fast, reliable lines?

1. 99.999% Uptime with Our Own Fast Platform.

Many of our competitors host their call tracking lines in a cloud but we use our own VOIP platform to connect calls directly to your business. 

Our own proprietary VOIP platform will never go down because we manage the platform and we have two backup systems in place with one in the U.S. and in Canada. 

If there is ever a massive hack of cloud systems such as the one to Amazon's cloud computing in 2017, our call tracking lines will always work. Call tracking numbers that are hosted in a cloud may experience downtime resulting in lost business.

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2. Connect Consumers Immediately to Your Business with our Direct Line to Telcos

Our platform has a direct line to the major telco hub giving us direct control over the path the call takes. That means there is no lag between when the consumer calls and when you answer. Lag-time or latency can result in dropped leads with prospects hanging up before you can even speak to them.

3. Get a Clear Conversation for a Clear Sale with our High Standards for Quality

Our lines have high-quality audio that sounds as if your prospect is standing right beside you, setting the stage for a great conversation with a prospect. 

We have a team that checks the four measures of quality: lag-time, garbled sound, post dial delay and the MOS core. They are in immediate contact with carriers the moment the quality falls below our high standards.

With high-quality call tracking lines, you can ensure that prospects who call are always connecting through to your business and have the clearest, possible audio. 

Whether you’re using call tracking lines for your own business or for your clients, your marketing efforts need to result in an impact on revenue. 

Not only do call tracking numbers allow you know which source drove the call to optimize your campaigns but a high-quality number allows sales to connect with the prospect and close the deal.

• Leads always connect with your business using reliable lines
• Connect calls immediately to your business to avoid lost leads
• Have the best audio for sales to drive the conversation


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