In an email to advertisers in January 2017, Google AdWords announced that call extensions will be automatically added to mobile search ads on Feb 6, 2017. Supporting Google’s mobile-first focus and its emphasis on local search, the enhancement reinforces for all marketers the importance of call extensions for driving quality leads to local businesses.

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Designed to maximize response to ads, automatic call extensions serve as a wake-up call for all acquisition marketers. Adding call extensions drives more high-quality leads to businesses and is an opportunity to prove your contribution to business growth through better offline lead attribution.

Great idea! I need more leads and better attribution.

The change is only applicable to businesses that have a phone number displayed prominently on their landing page and do not already use call extensions. Google also offers the option to opt out if a business does not want to drive calls to the number displayed on their landing page.

Call Tracking Numbers on Landing Pages Will Not Be Automatically Inserted

For our customers and other advertisers using dynamic number insertion on their landing pages, take note that the change will not affect the number displayed on the ad. A spokesperson from Google confirmed that they will screen for this and will not insert call tracking numbers from landing pages on call extensions.

Opt Out, but Beware This May Cost You Leads!

Before rushing to opt out, please take a moment to reconsider the motivation behind the automatic call extensions and the message Google is sending to advertisers. Once thought out of touch, calls are making a powerful comeback and by 2019, BIA/Kelsey projected that there will be 162 billion calls to businesses.

Yes! I want more leads.

To Drive More Traffic, Use Call Extensions on Ads

On mobile devices, a “call now” button boosts consumer engagement with a seamless switch from the browser to the call, delivering significantly more traffic to your business. 70% of mobile searchers have used click-to-call to connect directly with a business from search, according to research by Google and Ipsos.

The same calls are high-quality leads from consumers in the purchase phase of their buyers’ journeys. 61% of mobile searchers say that calling a business is important during the purchase phase.

61% of people on mobile say it’s important to call when they want to buy. Tweet it!

Optimize Ads Using Call Tracking Numbers for Accurate Attribution

Once you are generating calls from ads, tracking and measuring those leads demonstrates the value of your marketing and helps you to optimize your ads to continue to increase conversion rates.

To optimize your ad performance, our Response Analytics platform offers customizable reporting set up to answer all your questions. Our data includes call details such as the time of the call, duration, caller ID and the source, giving you all the information to see the performance of your ads in one place. View the data on our interactive dashboard UI, APIs or through our integration with AdWords for a one-stop solution to ad performance management.

Clean, High-Quality Call Tracking Numbers Save Resources and Money

Our Response Analytics platform enhances AdWords’ call extensions with clean, high-quality tracking numbers that are yours for as long as you need. Our call tracking numbers go through a proven quarantine process to ensure you receive only calls intended for your business. To reduce spam and fraudulent calls and give you the most accurate data possible, we block telemarketers and toll-free pumpers with smart, evolving algorithms  

Add a Message Extension and See Your Conversion Rate Soar 80%

In Google’s beta rollout, the results from message extensions were astonishing. Adding a message extension plus a powerful call to action boosted beta user, Auto & General’s, conversion rate by 80%.

We offer text-enabled call tracking numbers you can use with message extensions to enhance Google’s click-to-message product to scale and fit any size of business. All incoming texts can be channeled to one of the chat platforms we integrate with, including LiveChat, Slack or ContactAtOnce!, so that your sales agents can immediately respond to any number of text leads.

I want more leads and in my chat platform!

How to Replace Automated Call Extensions with Call Tracking Numbers:
If you opt out of AdWords call extensions and don’t use a call tracking number in its place, you risk losing leads that would prefer calling your businesses. To drive those incoming calls and receive detailed call attribution reporting, you will need to replace the automated call extension with a call tracking number. And it’s easy to do:

  1. Go to the Ad extensions tab and select "View: Automated Extensions Report"
  2. Scroll down to "Automated Extensions Options (advanced) and click on "Edit"
  3. Uncheck the option for "Automatic Call Extensions” under "Do not use specific automated extensions in this account.”
  4. Click on “+ Extensions,” fill in your call tracking number, and click save.

If you are not using call tracking numbers or would like to learn more about how Telmetrics numbers are different, contact us.


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