Advertising your business on Facebook seems like a “no-brainer” given that the platform reaches over 236 million active monthly users in the United States and Canada, and that these users spend an average of 40 minutes per day using the Facebook site or app. 


With so many potential customers, Facebook advertising is a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their sales, but problems begin to surface when those sales take place over calls or texts. If you don’t know how many people your ads brought in, that information gap can result in wasted marketing time, effort and money.

So what are businesses to do when the main point of contact with consumers is the phone, as call and text data is not directly captured by Facebook?

View All Your Calls and Texts from Ads in Your Facebook Dashboard

The solution is Facebook’s Offline Conversions API which makes it possible to link online ad views and other activity with calls and text messages made to the business. All you need is to use a Telmetrics SmartNumber in the place of your main business number and then connect the two platforms with our Facebook integration. 

Once you've set up a Telmetrics SmartNumber to track phone calls and text to your business and the integration, you will be able to view directly in Facebook Ads Manager how many calls and texts you received from each ad. 

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Link Conversations to Social Ads by Tracking Calls and Texts after the Click

When using a call-to-action within ads, such as click-to-call or text buttons, to drive traffic directly on Facebook, it’s important to not only measure how many conversions your Facebook ad campaign is driving, but also to find out what happens after the click, including if a conversation actually occurred. 

Call and text tracking gives you the time of the conversation, its duration, whether the call was answered, and the caller's number, so you can return the call and location. 

Gain a Complete View of Your Consumer’s Path to Purchase

If your ads are sending more people to your website instead of using a call now button on the ad, you can still track all calls and texts in Facebook Ads Manager.

Using dynamic number insertion, a script that replaces phone numbers on a page, you can automatically display a unique phone number to each user. That way you can track multiple visitors and calls at the same time.  

Any subsequent call or text message will also be tracked and matched to the first web session, with the all the call and text data sent to Facebook. You will be able to see in Facebook Ads Manager which ad is driving the most calls and texts.

Integrating offline conversion data within Facebook Ads Manager to view offline and online data together gives a complete end-to-end view of the customer journey, making obvious which ads are contributing to your campaign goals. By using a Telmetrics SmartNumber™ to track offline conversions driven from Facebook ads, businesses are now better equipped to:

  • Fully measure your return on investment from Facebook with a complete view into the campaigns and ads that are driving calls and texts
  • Better understand the segmentation of offline conversions across device type (mobile vs landline) and interaction source (calls vs SMS)
  • Increase the performance your campaign tactics and ad creative/placement based on the offline response rates 

Facebook marketing is much more than just setting up a business page and waiting for people to find you, and even a robust online presence and tracking program only provides a partial picture of how customers interact with your business.

Using Telmetrics SmartNumber and our Facebook Offline Conversion API integration, businesses will no longer miss attribution of offline engagement and can use these additional metrics to positively impact their Facebook Marketing.

Once you start measuring calls and texts alongside your online metrics for Facebook ads, you can then move on to getting the fullest value from this data through proper targeting of your campaigns to audiences that are proven to convert.

Stay tuned for more info on this and other tips on how Telmetrics can help you to optimize your Facebook marketing programs.

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