In a recent study, Google found that businesses that add SMS text messaging in addition to call tracking as a communication channel are seeing up to a 41% increase in response rates for their existing ad campaigns compared to other ad extensions.


Imagine being able to dramatically increase the number of leads you’re generating with your existing advertising campaign with no additional effort, at no additional cost per lead. Having the ability to measure this channel is going to be critical when looking to optimize direct response ad campaigns.

Why Texting is So Effective for Ads

Not surprisingly, consumers are increasingly choosing to contact businesses in ways that are most convenient for them and texting is one of them. More than 8 in 10 consumers would like to use a messaging app to reply to a business. They know they won’t be placed on hold or have to worry about leaving a voicemail. Texting also gives consumers greater control and flexibility over the conversation; they can choose to engage the business when it’s best for them.

Increase Engagement on Ads

And it’s not just the consumer who benefits. Businesses that receive SMS messages can save time by sending a quick reply rather than having to field a phone call.  By accepting text messages they make it easier for consumers to engage them while allowing them to handle multiple conversations at once.

Help me get more engagement from ads.

Collect more Leads at No Additional Cost

At Telmetrics we recognized the impact that call tracking and texting could have for both consumers and business and developed SmartNumber. Using a SmartNumber, a business can handle both inbound phone calls and text messages. It works like this; phone calls can continue to be forwarded to the business’ existing landline or contact center, while text messages can be forwarded to a mobile phone, or to a user-friendly chat client such as Slack.

By deploying a SmartNumber, not only will you receive valuable call tracking data and insights, you’ll also have visibility into the conversations that are initiated via SMS. You’ll know when a text message was sent, when it was viewed by the business, and when the business replied. What’s more, all of this information can be made instantly available within the online advertising platforms you’re already using.

Through our many integrations (Google Analytics, AdWords, etc.) data collected using a SmartNumber can be viewed alongside your existing campaign analytics; putting you in a position to make more informed decisions, and enabling you to better optimize your campaigns.

How Do I Get Started?

With a SmartNumber, you will be able to create ad campaigns that offer consumers more choice in how they contact a business, which will drive more leads. This increase in leads will result in a better return on your marketing investment.

Getting started is easy, we offer two ways to create a SmartNumber. Using our intuitive UI, you can begin ordering SmartNumber right away. Alternatively, you can have your developer code a simple request to our API.

Through a SmartNumber, you'd be able to bring businesses closer to consumers, and by integrating with your marketing technology stack you’ll have the  visibility you need to measure and optimize your advertising campaigns.

I want to track calls and texts.

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