Jenn Horowitz

For 15+ years Jenn Horowitz has created and executed strategic lead generation campaigns, brand creation and conversion optimization. At Telmetrics’ we interpret data that goes beyond the click, to phone calls, text messages and chat. Creating actionable insights from data analysis helps customers gain a competitive edge and increase revenue.

Posts By Jenn Horowitz

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Jenn Horowitz   |     07, Nov 2016

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Jenn Horowitz   |     11, Oct 2016

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Jenn Horowitz   |     03, Oct 2016

A Look Inside Telmetrics

Jenn Horowitz   |     08, Sep 2016

51 Marketing Tactics to Increase Your So...

Jenn Horowitz   |     22, Jul 2016

3 Reasons Why You Should Integrate Call ...

Jenn Horowitz   |     28, Jun 2016

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