Janet Janzen

For most of Janet’s life, her nose has been buried in a book, absorbing thoughts and ideas. At Telmetrics, she’s spends her time transforming those ideas into stories to educate, entertain, and motivate her readers. Writing website content, product overviews, emails and ebooks, she relies on her educational background in media studies to enrich the content.

Posts By Janet Janzen

4 Ways to Make Calls a Part of Your Mark...

Janet Janzen   |     27, Sep 2016

Data Drives Ideas and Innovation in Mark...

Janet Janzen   |     23, Sep 2016

4 Ways to Include Calls into Your Mobile...

Janet Janzen   |     11, May 2016

1 Step to Including Calls from Social Ad...

Janet Janzen   |     22, Jan 2016

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