When investing into mobile marketing, you look for measurable ROI. As an experienced marketer, you track every digital action and relentlessly optimize your campaigns. But do you know that over 70% of mobile searchers cross the line between the digital and physical world and make a purchase with a phone call? If you don’t have the tools to measure every call like you measure every click, you will underestimate ROI and miss optimization opportunities.


Calls can also help you build a much richer customer demographic profile and analyze the journey to purchase across media and devices. Imagine you could use callers’ age, gender, income, location to develop personalized post-call communications. What if you could analyze mobile advertising tactics and creative based on the number of actual leads they drove and the quality of phone conversations?

Here are 4 things you can do to include inbound calls into mobile marketing analysis.

1) Include Local Contact Info Upfront

The local scale is key for attracting consumers through online media yet it is often undervalued in our globalized economy. Consumers value connecting with local businesses beyond simply eating locally - proximity triggers loyalty and a sense of belonging. If an ad or listing doesn’t have local relevance when consumers are ready to take action, they may just move onto the next one. Featuring local numbers in mobile ads generates 4x the number of calls compared to toll-free numbers and cues local loyalty in consumers.

Businesses that value calls are also the ones whose success largely depends on local consumers. For those businesses, targeting their local community results in a ringing phone and a healthy business.

Use local phone numbers in your mobile ads to cue three key decision making factors for consumers:

  • Local relevancy
  • Local ads
  • Known brand

2) Ensure Good Calls Are Delivered

Attracting quality calls is just as important as driving call response volume. Ensure that only valid calls are delivered and included into your analysis. As many as 40% of inbound calls are wrong numbers, telemarketers or spam. This dilutes call response data and prevents true leads from getting through to your business when your lines are busy. So, make sure telemarketers are bring blocked when you start tracking calls.

3) Measure Calls as Calls

How do we know that the consumer actually called the business after visiting the website? Measuring calls as calls is the only reliable way to trace phone calls back to mobile-driven traffic. Click-to-call and tap-to-call do not provide visibility beyond the tap. A unique call tracking phone number and automated conversation analysis bridge the gap between mobile activity and real consumer behavior. After all, the primary use of a phone is still to eventually call someone.

4) Identify Sources Driving Calls

Optimization to drive higher ROI on mobile advertising starts with identifying consumer pre-call activity. Use dynamic number insertion technology (DNI) to tie calls back to the specific mobile campaigns. Click data from search engine marketing and mobile display campaigns provide little insight into activity beyond the click, critical for those businesses that value real-world contact with their customers.

How does dynamic number insertion work? DNI seamlessly replaces selected contact numbers on a web page with call tracking numbers. When a customer visits a website from a certain referring source, the unique tracking phone numbers will dynamically populate throughout the website. DNI helps marketers to connect the dots on call-related consumer behaviour and complete the performance picture:

  • Determine which search engines, keywords, networks, distribution partners, display or social media ads generate the most calls and optimize ad budget accordingly
  • Combine call analytics with click and session data for a comprehensive view of lead attribution and quality
  • Gain immediate lift in measured leads by making sure you include phone leads and attribute them to the sources accurately

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