Digital marketing has evolved into a myriad of strategies that work together to increase your reach and exposure. From content marketing to organic SEO and social media through paid ads and remarketing, you are spending a lot of time and money. If you are relying solely on data from Google Analytics or a similar program, you are only capturing data from online interactions and are missing key data on phone calls. Losing phone call data and lead attribution means you are missing approximately 50% of your data and wasting money and time on under-performing campaigns and content.

Introducing proper lead attribution, via call tracking offers improvement in the following areas:

Workflows and Lead Nurturing

call-tracking-from-mobile.jpgMarketing automation tools allow you to create effective workflows to follow up and re-engage with leads after they have taken certain defined actions on your site.

Example: the user completes a form, then receives a Whitepaper, next they move into your predefined workflow that sends them content to engage them and demonstrate your knowledge and credibility.

Integrating your call tracking system and your marketing automation tool allows you to create a workflow to nurture leads after they call you, ensuring stronger engagement.

Sales Optimization

Without call attribution, companies lose valuable knowledge on the impact of a phone call on the sales process.

With call attribution, automated marketing campaigns be adjusted accordingly and the entire sales process can be optimized to get better results and quicker sales.

Knowledge is power when it comes to marketing. Bridging the data gaps by gathering insights on pre-call behavior, call source down to the keyword, and real-time lead scoring give you the power to dramatically optimize and improve internal processes as well as all paid and organic campaigns.

Detailed Consumer Information, Including Consumer Intent

Call tracking numbers are the foundation that allow you to properly attribute all leads.  However, it is only the tip of the iceberg. With a goal of providing data where previously you only had gaping holes, we provide data and insights your leads that is invaluable.

Not only can you determine what path your visitors took through your site before they call but you can also glean deep insights into their commercial intent and recent purchase history. This rich data allows you to customize offerings to the lead, demonstrate a strong understanding of your target leads for use in creating stronger, more relevant content and so much more.

The best way to see the impact Call Tracking will have on your business is to request a demo and see for yourself the power and knowledge that you will gain.



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