Fresh new data from an IAB report1 unequivocally states that 2017 will be the year of attribution. IAB asked marketers about their top priorities and the answer was quite straightforward: "2017 has ushered in a renewed focus on ­measurement and attribution".


The focus on measurement and attribution is hardly news for us at Telmetrics. Our Response Analytics platform provides exactly the kind of complete, accurate cross-channel lead attribution that is prioritized by 73% of the panelists. They said that "better reporting, measurement or attribution" will be the topic or industry development that will command their attention the most in 2017, and we are here to help.

Yes! I want better attribution.

Blast Open the Attribution Blind Spot with Comprehensive Cross-Channel Analytics

57% of panelists admitted that "cross-channel measurement and attribution" will occupy most of their time, attention, and resources.

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Do they feel confident they have the right marketing technology to improve lead attribution? Most don’t feel that way:

45.3% of panelists said that "Difficulty in proving ROI of our data-driven programs" was one of the obstacles or challenges that may impede their ability to deploy or derive value from data-driven marketing and media initiatives.

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This feedback is directly linked to the reported top challenge of CMOs in 2017 - driving more revenue and proving that it’s attributable to their efforts.

Response Analytics provides reliable lead attribution from any source – organic and paid search, social media, ad campaigns, and emails – and covers all types of responses, including calls, texts, form fills, impressions, and more.

What is our answer to the 2017 challenge of attribution? The most advanced technology chosen by successful marketers is our Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI). In short, DNI allows marketers to track offline leads, such as phone calls or text messages, and attribute every call and text to the campaign that drove them with precision down to a keyword, ad creative, campaign, search engine, and beyond. By implementing our DNI solution, clients see an average of a 37% increase in total lead attribution, and this is an immediate, direct, positive impact on both the quality of their data and on ROI.

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Looks like 2017 may be the year of DNI, at least for those marketers who want to measure every lead their campaigns drive.

Learn how DNI solves the 2017 attribution challenge.

Get the Most Out of Your Analytics Spend

70.7% of the panelists that participated in the IAB research expect their equivalent spending on data and related services will grow even further than the substantial increase already seen in 2016.

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The increase in budget share means that more is going to data and analytics, but is the budget being spent wisely? If not all leads are tracked, analytics will never have a chance to fuel 100% informed decision making. Tracking phone calls and texts doesn’t only close the offline attribution gap, but gives marketers an unprecedented amount of data and analytics they’ve never had access to before.

Mobile phone numbers are the source of the analytics that marketers are missing, providing the invaluable up-to-date demographic and behavioral data. For today’s mobile-first marketer, the phone number has become the most reliable way to identify each consumer, while emails are becoming disposable.

Along with the lead attribution insights, rich customer profiles are at your fingertips with Response Analytics through UI, API, or integrations that let this new data flow right into the tools you already use.

Connect with us to get the most out of your analytics spend.

One of the conclusions IAB made based on its research is that in 2017 marketers are still experiencing internal challenges with expertise gaps and operations that hinder their steps forward to measure and attribute their data-related spending. This is where a partner with a proven track record in lead attribution adds real value to help marketers make better decisions based on complete data. With so much information and advanced technology available, there is no reason why marketers should not be able to capture, track, and measure every lead to optimize every opportunity.

We spent the past two decades perfecting our attribution technology together with some of the largest brands and publishers we are proud to serve. If 2017 is the year of attribution, we are here to continue sharing what we know with the results-driven marketers.

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1. The data comes from an online survey completed by IAB special-interest council members between December 2016 and January 2017 and represents the most recent possible data on the pulse of marketing. More than half of the respondents had more than 11 years of experience.


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